The George Institute for Global Health

Sydney, Australia

Hospital Lead:
Rebecca Ivers, Robyn Norton, Jagnoor Jagnoor
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Over the last fifteen years, the George Institute for Global Health has delivered high-impact evidence from a large program of research and innovation that has influenced health policy and healthcare practice worldwide. From modest beginnings, the founders have built a team of more than 450 staff across centres in Australia, India, China and the United Kingdom. The Institute's projects now span more than 50 countries, we have raised almost $500 million for global health research since 1999 and we have been ranked among the top 10 research institutions in the world for scientific impact.

Professor Rebecca Ivers is Director of the Injury Division at The George Institute and Professor at the University of Sydney. She directs a research program which is centred on injury prevention, with a strong focus on prevention of road traffic injury. Professor Ivers has published widely in the field of road traffic injury, and has recently been awarded a NSW Young Tall Poppy Award in Science and an Achievement Award from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia for her road safety research. She is an investigator on studies in a diverse range of areas including novice drivers, Indigenous road injury, heavy vehicle crashes and motorcycle safety in Australia as well as projects aimed at preventing injury in China, India and Vietnam.

Robyn Norton is a founder and Principal Director of the George Institute for Global Health (worldwide) and Director of the George Centre for Healthcare Innovation at the University of Oxford. She is Professor of Global Health and James Martin Professorial Fellow at the University of Oxford and Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney. Robyn holds an Honorary Professorship at Peking University Health Science Centre, and is an Honorary Consultant Epidemiologist at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. She is an international authority on the causes and prevention of injuries, particularly road traffic injuries. Robyn was the inaugural Chair and is now Chair Emeritus of the Road Traffic Injuries Research Network, supported by the World Health Organisation and the World Bank, which aims to increase research and research capacity to address the current growing burden of road traffic injuries in low and middle income countries.

Dr Jagnoor Jagnoor holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a PhD in Public Health, University of Sydney. Her doctoral research work focused on epidemiology of unintentional injuries in low middle income settings. Jagnoor is currently working on a large cohort study investigating factors influencing social and health outcomes after land transport injury in NSW (FISH Study). Her research interests include injury prevention, rehabilitation and disability; with a specific focus on quality of life measures.

Rebecca Ivers

Robyn Norton

Jagnoor Jagnoor